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Landscape Plantings

From ornate, flowering trees and shrubs to humble ground coverings, we choose plantings that thrive not only in your geographic area, but also within the specific micro-climates created by your home. Drawing on your home’s visual cues, plantings will be chosen that combine colors, textures, and forms to match the existing architecture.

Plantings and flowers can be chosen to present a succession of bloom that starts in the spring and doesn’t cease until well after the frost returns. Native plants can be incorporated to create a truly sustainable design for living. The possibilities are endless…

Planting Options

  • Deciduous and Evergreen Trees
  • Shrubs and Ground Cover
  • Plants and Flowers
  • Native Plants
  • Annuals and Perrenials
  • Beds and Gardens
  • Aquatic Plants
  • And More!

At Weaver’s Landscape Company, we work directly with trusted, quality nurseries to ensure that all plantings are of the highest quality and most favorable form. Additionally, we research and select all plantings based on their ability to provide vigorous growth and vitality within your unique topography and micro-climate, and warranty all plantings for a full year.

Schedule a Consultation

Our landscape design experts take an individual approach to each landscaping project, working to bring out the unique features and topography of each site.  We incorporate plantings that seek to give you the greatest value for your investment and work within your budget to achieve the most dramatic results.

If you are interested in discussing our planting options, we invite you to contact us at (717) 530-9076  for a free, no-obligation consultation.  We’ll perform an initial evaluation of the property and explain how we can help make your landscape dreams become a reality.