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Patio Renovation

Patio Renovation

Patio Cleaning and Sealing

Ready to bring back the beauty in your paver patio or retaining wall?  Do you have Failing Joint Sand that is resulting in weed growth?  Can’t see what color the retaining wall is anymore?  We can help!

At Weavers Landscape Company, we take Paver Patio, Masonry, and Retaining Wall maintenance seriously.  We have the right equipment, the right processes, and the right products to tackle any size project.

Our Paver Patio and Retaining Wall process includes:

  • Cleaning the surface with a steam cleaner
  • Repairing any settled areas
  • Installing Joint Sand in the joints
  • Sealing the surface and binding the Joint Sand

Schedule a Consultation

If you are in need of Paver Patio or Retaining Wall Restoration, we invite you to contact us at (717) 530-9076  for a free, no-obligation consultation.  We’ll perform an initial evaluation of your project, and provide a simple solution to Outdoor Living Maintenance needs.