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Design / Build Process

Design/Build Process

At Weaver’s Landscape Company, we are full service landscape design-build firm. What does that mean? Simple, it means we are equipped to take your landscape vision from concept to completion. From the initial site visit to design to install to maintenance, we are with you every step of the way. Custom landscaping is both our focus and our passion. With an expert team of veteran landscape designers and meticulous, bonded construction crews, be assured that your home’s landscaping will make a statement. No problems, no budget overruns, no surprises…just spectacular landscape designs.

1. Initial Site Visit

Every landscaping project starts with an initial consultation and site visit. During which, we will perform an on-site evaluation, taking measurements and exploring the existing topography.

We’ll draw from your home’s design cues, combining colors, textures, and forms to match your home’s existing architecture.  Our landscape designers will suggest plants that thrive not only in your geographic area, but also within the specific micro-climates created by your home.  The result is a totally cohesive and integrated landscape design that pleases all the senses.

2. Design Phase

We are not mindless order-takers, but neither are we creative prima donnas. Every landscape design is a product of close, individualized collaboration between our landscape designer and you.

We dig deep to discover the wishes, hopes, and desires that drive your landscaping vision. Together we’ll explore the possibilities, both traditional and unexpected, that come from harnessing the power of imagination. Your landscape design will live. It will breathe. It will stand as an awe-inspiring declaration of your own personal style.

3. Install / Build Phase

Upon design approval, we will transition roles and become the point-person on your project, keeping you abreast of its progress and any issues that may arise during the installation process. The actual construction and installation of your landscape is a symphony of details both great and small.

Our landscape installation crews and subcontractors work under close supervision as your vision takes shape.  We hand-inspect all plants and building materials to make certain that your expectations are met.

4. Maintenance

Amazing landscaping doesn’t happen by accident and neither does its upkeep.  Landscapes are a living, growing, and evolving entity that require care, feeding, and maintenance.

Depending on the nature of your landscaping, a tailored landscape maintenance plan may be needed. With customized maintenance plans for all manner of plants and landscaping features, our landscape maintenance experts will keep your property looking and performing at its peak.