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About Us


Our History

Weaver’s Landscape Company was founded in 1998 under the name “The Lawn Guys.” It was started as a part time dream by two young men, Jeremy Becker and Burnell Weaver and consisted of mowing our church lawn as well as a few other mowing jobs picked up via newspaper advertising.

As the next few years went by, more customers were added to the growing list of mowing jobs, as well as nominal maintenance projects such as weeding and mulching, and basic landscape planting jobs.

In the third year of the business, Jeremy took up other interests and the business was bought by Burnell’s dad (who also has an excavating business).  Burnell started running the business with the help of a part time employee. The business was renamed “Weaver’s Lawn Care.”

In 2002, Burnell took over the business from his dad, which had grown to a company with an established list of customers and a few employees. The list of services had grown to include Hardscaping (Patios & Retaining Walls), Water Gardens, Tree and Shrub Planting, as well as a full mowing service.

In 2008, the business name was transitioned to “Weaver’s Landscape Company”, which reflects the nature of the business in a truer sense.

The Present

Today, Weavers Landscape Company is still a small company that offers a comprehensive approach to all your Outdoor Living needs and dreams. We maintain a staff of 8-12, with two primary crews, one doing Hardscape/Construction Design/Build, and the other doing Landscape Design/Build as well as Landscape Maintenance.

Our Faith

As a Company, we have always placed high priority on Biblical Principles, and feel the Bible is the only Book that one can follow without regards. Not only does the Bible give simple and applicable direction for everyday living, most importantly, it tells the story of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Our goal is to be of service to man, live and tell the Story, and finally, win the Reward of Eternal Rest in Heaven.

Our Mission Statement

“We aspire to operate in a way that honors the Lord Jesus Christ, as demonstrated through Ethics (We’ll do the right thing), Integrity (We’ll do what we say), and Stewardship (We’ll not sacrifice tomorrow for today).”